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Are you planning a show or exhibition next year?

December 4, 2013
Are you planning an agricultural show or exhibition next year?

Are you planning an agricultural show or exhibition next year?

With 2014 just around the corner, preparations for agricultural shows and exhibitions will be well under away. Farm Biosecurity is encouraging show organisers to ensure that they are compliant with the Australian Johne’s disease Market Assurance Program (MAP) by downloading a Show, Sale & Exhibition Certificate of Compliance. There is a specific Certificate of Compliance for alpacas, cattle (includes beef and dairy), goats and sheep.

The certificate is completed by the approved veterinarian who carries out the show ground audit and, once completed, demonstrates that exhibition areas and livestock housing are compliant with the MAP program.  The certificate should be displayed in or near any facility which houses MAP herds or flocks. To find out more about the MAP, click here. Without this certificate, MAP complying producers will be unable to confidently display their livestock without risking their compliance with their own herd or flock program.

Dr Lorna Citer, Animal Health Australia’s Manager for Endemic Diseases highlighted that the certificate is more than just about being MAP compliant, it is also about improving biosecurity protocols at agricultural shows and exhibitions.

“MAP certified producers require their livestock to be housed and cared for with simple, yet effective, biosecurity practices. By obtaining an authorised Certificate of Compliance, show and exhibition organisers are ensuring that these biosecurity requirements are met, which means your show will encourage more producers to display their livestock and MAP producers can attend, confident that the risk of disease spread has been kept to an  acceptable minimum.

“Show and exhibition organisers have a duty of care to exhibitors and the public to maintain good biosecurity practices and the Show, Sale & Exhibition Certificate of Compliance is an excellent way to show that you are taking biosecurity seriously,” Dr Citer said.

To download a Show, Sale & Exhibition Certificate of Compliance visit the Farm Biosecurity livestock page and select either the alpacas, cattle, sheep or goats pages, where you will find the downloadable tools and forms in the resources section.