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Biosecurity survey results are in!

May 5, 2014

Producer survey imageThe level of understanding of biosecurity amongst Australian producers has increased, with more producers controlling weeds and monitoring their crops and livestock for signs of pests and diseases.

These findings are just some of the many interesting results from the 2013 Farm Biosecurity producer survey. The survey conducted interviews with 1,273 Australian crop and livestock producers to gain a better understanding of:

          • what biosecurity practices they currently use on their farms
          • their current knowledge and understanding of biosecurity
          • the ways they seek and receive information about biosecurity
          • their awareness of the Farm Biosecurity program and its key messages.

Conducted between August and September last year and undertaken by independent researchers for the Farm Biosecurity program, the 2013 survey was designed so that results could be compared with similar results from the 2010 Farm Biosecurity producer survey.

This important data will help Animal Health Australia and Plant Health Australia to develop future strategies for the Farm Biosecurity program that focus on biosecurity awareness in areas the survey identified in need of improvement.

Producer surveys play an integral role in helping the Farm Biosecurity program plan for and provide the information producers want, in the formats they like best, using the channels for delivery they have told us they prefer.

Click here to view a summary of the survey’s key findings.