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Cotton best management practice


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myBMP is the ‘one stop shop’ for best practice in the Australian cotton industry. It provides growers information and guidelines to implement best practice in all farm activities. The latest scientific knowledge, resources, personalised support and technical assistance is available to growers to meet best practice standards along the entire cotton value chain.

myBMP comprises 11 modules , each selected and written to provide a library of practices and information covering every aspect of the farm.

Biosecurity – Covers the avoidance, management and control of pests and diseases

Biotechnology – GM cotton varieties

Energy & greenhouse gases – Efficient use of energy inputs such as fuel and fertilisers

Fibre quality – Growing the best quality cotton that you can

Human resources – Best management practices for staff and contractors

IPM – For weeds, pests and diseases

Natural assets – Managing the vegetative and riparian assets on your farm

Pesticide management – All aspects of pesticide storage and use

Petrochemical storage and handling  – All aspects of petrochemical storage and use on farm

Soil health – How to best look after one of your most important assets

Water management – Covers water quality, efficiency of storage and distribution as well as dryland and irrigated farming practices