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The Nursery Production Farm Management System (FMS) includes the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia (NIASA), EcoHort and BioSecure HACCP best management practice programs. Membership and involvement in the Nursery Production FMS is open to production nurseries and growing media suppliers and provides participating business with a good grounding in biosecurity measures and practices.

Implementing the Nursery Production FMS in your business encourages good hygiene, pest monitoring and traceability in your operations. Biosecurity traceability allows for the trace-back of plant material and production nursery inputs on your property to its source, the trace-forward of plant material that has left your property, and the provision of records of surveillance and pest management practices undertaken on your property.

Information included in the Nursery Production FMS provides further details and recommendations for the implementation of many of the measures outlined on this site.