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New biosecurity manual for papaya growers

September 25, 2013

Biosecurity Manual for the Papya IndustryPapaya growers now have a biosecurity manual to help them implement biosecurity measures on-farm.

Papayas are susceptible to a range of exotic and regionally established pests, and are grown in northern areas of Australia where neighbouring countries already have some of these pests. Growers are therefore on constant alert for signs of pests and diseases. Because many of these pests also affect other Australian fruit industries there are multiple pathways for their entry, spread, and establishment throughout the country.

In collaboration with Papaya Australia representatives, Plant Health Australia has developed a biosecurity manual to provide papaya growers with information on the highest priority exotic and regionalised pests that could impact their production.

The manual explains simple hygiene and pest monitoring practices and ways to effectively manage biosecurity threats on individual properties and within a region. The manual also includes record keeping templates, checklists, and fact sheets to enhance pest awareness, help reduce the spread of pests and diseases, and increase early reporting.

Papaya Australia will be mailing hard copies of the manual to all their growers. 

Download the Biosecurity Manual for the Papaya Industry.