Providing practical information to help you protect your farm from biosecurity risks

Dr Patrick Kluver LBN

Practical biosecurity for sheep producers

October 2, 2015

The Livestock Biosecurity Network’s Dr Patrick Kluver discusses biosecurity planning around the farm gate By far the greatest risk for disease introduction on-farm is the purchase of livestock. Buying sheep especially carries the risk of introducing conditions that may cause ongoing production losses and incur significant eradication costs. A good biosecurity strategy will go a […] Read more

Dress rehearsal for grain pest emergency

September 24, 2015

In the event of an incursion of an exotic pest of grain crops in Australia, rapid response is vital to limit the spread and minimise the impact on grain growers, intensive livestock producers and the wider community. Much will hinge on the ability to get clear messages out quickly. That ability is precisely what was rehearsed […] Read more
Mark Engall

Prompt response to citrus disease threat

September 24, 2015

Mark Engall, is the owner and manager of Engall’s Nursery in Dural NSW. Established in 1946, Engall’s is a third generation family run business, specialising in growing fruit trees and roses on 3.6 hectares. The plants he grows are supplied to commercial growers, independent garden centres, chain stores, wholesale nurseries, landscapers and direct to the […] Read more
Sheep grazing

Woolliest sheep in Australia reminds producers not to get fleeced with fencing

September 4, 2015

The recent discovery of a stray sheep, near Mulligan’s Flat in the ACT, with an estimated five years’ growth of wool, weighing a record breaking 40.45 kg, is timely reminder that good fencing is vital to successful livestock production. Animal Health Australia’s Executive Manager, Biosecurity, Duncan Rowland, said whilst the sheep has garnered world-wide fame and […] Read more
Producers should be alert to weeds like Paterson's Curse (Echium plantagineum) which will start to emerge in the coming weeks.

Don’t let diseases, pests and weeds spring to life on your property

September 4, 2015

Spring has arrived and with it comes warmer and longer days which means the traditional pests, diseases and weeds, which have been hibernating over the cooler months, are now ready to spring into action. Animal Health Australia’s Executive Manager Biosecurity, Duncan Rowland, said producers should be looking at ways to integrate biosecurity into their spring […] Read more