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Showing off prize sheep easier from 1 Jan 2014

December 4, 2013
Showing off your prize sheep will be easier from 1 Jan 2014

Showing off your prize sheep will be easier from 1 Jan 2014

From 1 January next year, sheep producers intending to exhibit their animals at agricultural shows and exhibitions can simply use a National Sheep Health Statement (NSHS) to certify the health of the animals they intend to show.

The Federal Council of Agricultural Societies has given the green light for sheep producers to use the NSHS which replaces the Sheep Show and Sale by Exhibition form. Dr Lorna Citer, Animal Health Australia’s Manager for Endemic Diseases has welcomed the streamlined approach to helping sheep producers certify the health of their animals.

“The adoption of the NSHS for agricultural shows and exhibitions makes it easier and more attractive for producers to attend and proudly exhibit their animals. This is sensible red tape cutting without impacting important biosecurity protocols,” Dr Citer said.

To download the NSHS and other helpful online tools, forms and information for sheep producers, visit the Sheep industry page and scroll down to the Resources section.