Providing practical information to help you protect your farm from biosecurity risks


Create your own biosecurity toolkitFarm Biosecurity has a number of materials to help you implement biosecurity measures on your farm. These include industry plans and farm manuals, checklists, animal declaration forms, health statements and plant pest fact sheets.

Create your own biosecurity toolkit

Use our profiler to create your own biosecurity toolkit. Simply select the livestock and crops that are specific to your farm and the profiler will muster all the information from the farm biosecurity website that is relevant.


We’ve created a series of videos based on the biosecurity essentials to help you to implement biosecurity on-farm. The videos highlight the simple but effective measures you can use to secure your farm from diseases, pests and weeds.
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Biosecurity plans & manuals

A manual contains information to help producers to implement biosecurity on-farm. The content of manuals varies, but they usually contain an overview of biosecurity, fact sheets to identify the high priority pests of a crop, tips on crop management, and how to manage people, vehicles and equipment to minimise biosecurity risks. Manuals may also contain a biosecurity self-assessment list, and templates for surveillance, vehicle cleaning and visitor records.

FarmBiosecurity app

The FarmBiosecurity app is for people on the go who want to bolster biosecurity on their farm. It’s based on the six biosecurity essentials, covering every aspect of your day-to-day activities.

Johne’s disease frequently asked questions

Animal Health Australia has created an FAQ page for producers implementing on-farm biosecurity plans for the Johne’s Beef Assurance Score (J-BAS) program and Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program.
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gate sign

Gate sign

Signs can be used to indicate to visitors the importance of following biosecurity procedures on your property. The Farm Biosecurity gate sign templates are actual size ( 900 x 600 mm) and can be used by signwriters to print warning signs on a range of different materials. Include contact details in the space provided.

Gate sign template

Alternatively, you can purchase the sign for just $40, including postage and handling anywhere in Australia.
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Animal health declarations and statements

National animal heath statements, show health declarations and venue audits are a means by which producers can provide information about the animal health status of their flocks and herds.

Biosecurity records

An important part of farm biosecurity, and also of managing your business, is ensuring staff are well trained, that you have the ability to trace where animals or plants have come from and where they went and that you have records of purchases, sales and movements.