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Be ‘appy’! – Biosecurity planning at your fingertips

August 11, 2017

MelineeIt’s always a pleasure to receive positive feedback on the FarmBiosecurity app, which has reached over 1200 producers since it was launched in November last year.

One such producer is Melinee Leather, an organic beef farmer from central Queensland. She also chairs the Animal Health, Welfare & Biosecurity Committee within Cattle Council of Australia and sits on the Board of Directors for Livestock Biosecurity Network.

The good news is Melinee loves our FarmBiosecurity app!

We asked her to tell us what she enjoyed about the app and the first response was just what we like to hear: it’s free, it’s easy to use, it works without mobile service and it does everything she needs.

“It’s a convenient way to store and update individual biosecurity plans for each of our properties,” Melinee explained.

The ability to use your device to attach photos to your plan was also a big selling point.

“I can add photos and notes with my iPhone when I am out and about in the paddock, ensuring our plans stay relevant and up-to-date. It’s useful even when I’m working in areas with no mobile service.”

Melinee also appreciated the amount of information that is available in the app.

“Emergency contact numbers, useful links, information, checklists and documents are all readily available in my toolkit.

“Basically everything I need is just a click away”.

For farmers looking to create a plan in order to meet biosecurity requirements for J-BAS or LPA, the FarmBiosecurity app can help identify high risk areas and provide recommended actions. It will also allow you to attach your own photos and notes or create your own action list, enabling you to keep a comprehensive record of your activities.

“Our properties are certified EU, PCAS, BMP and Organic – the FarmBiosecurity app is always useful during audits to demonstrate our on-farm management and monitoring of biosecurity,” Melinee explained.

“Apps such as this underpin the integrity of our systems.”

You can download the app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. More information can be found here.