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High priority pests of fruit and nut industries

Plant Health Australia has identified the high priority exotic pests, or pests under active control in Australia, for the list of crops below. Pests are identified as part of the development of industry biosecurity plans for these crops by growers, researchers and field experts. These pests would have serious consequences if they were to become established in Australia. While these are not the only pests of the industries, they have been assessed as potentially posing the greatest risk and the highest impact.

Information about other pests of fruit and nut crops is available from the Industries section of the Plant Health Australia website.

Implementing biosecurity measures to control endemic pests will go a long way towards preventing exotic pests from entering and becoming established on your farm.


Priority pests of other fruit and nut crops

For growers of blackberries, blueberries, ginger,  grapes (dried, table and wine), lychees, melons, olives, passionfruit, pineapples, raspberries and strawberries, high priority pests are identified in industry biosecurity plans. Please contact your industry to obtain this information and to read the on-farm biosecurity practices recommended for these crops. Information about pests of these crops is also available from the Industries section of the Plant Health Australia website.

The priority pests of other crops have not been assessed by Plant Health Australia. Please contact your industry representatives.


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