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Plantation forestry quality assurance


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The biosecurity practices described in this section of the site will assist you in achieving accreditation under Industry Best Management Practice (IBMP) and Quality Assurance (QA) schemes in relation to plantation forestry.

These schemes strengthen the forest industry’s potential to detect, control and eradicate plant pest or disease outbreaks rapidly, before extensive damage occurs. IBMP and QA schemes that cover some of the suggested biosecurity measures include:

bigstock-Green-Forest-in-the-Adelaide-H-15654917ISO 14001
ISO 14001 is an international standard that describes the specifications and requirements for an Environment Management System.

Australian Forest Certification Scheme
The Australian Forest Certification Scheme, which includes the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), sets out the requirements for forest owners seeking SFM certification. It includes requirements for the management of pests and diseases.

Forest Stewardship Council
Forest Stewardship Council is another SFM certification scheme. It also includes requirements for the management of pests and diseases within forests/plantations.

Codes of Practice

Each state has recommended codes of practice. These codes of practice provide information on a range of forest activities. Links are provided below for further information.

New South Wales
Forestry Corporation, Publications, Manuals and Practice Codes

Northern Territory
NT Codes of Practice for Forestry Plantations

Forestry Regulation and Legislation

South Australia
Guidelines for Plantation Forestry in South Australia 2009

Elements of the forest practices system

Code of Practice for Timber Production

Western Australia
Code of Practice for Timber Plantations in WA