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App video

Don’t worry, be appy!

April 7, 2017

Have you downloaded the FarmBiosecurity planning app yet? If you haven’t and are a little unsure of how it works, why not take a minute and see how. Once you have watched the video, share the link with anyone you know who is looking to implement biosecurity on their farm, because the FarmBiosecurity app is […] Read more
Stef and her horse.

Biosecurity threats can follow you everywhere

April 7, 2017

WA champion show jump rider Stef Tucker is no stranger to biosecurity when taking animals to the show.  Stef has just trucked two horses and a pony from Perth to Sydney where she will compete in the Sydney Royal Easter Show, starting this week. Before she returns home however, Stef has to drench her animals […] Read more
Grains Farm Biosecurity Officers

Celebrating a decade of grains farm biosecurity

April 5, 2017

This year marks 10 years of the Grains Farm Biosecurity Program, the outreach program run as a partnership between state governments, the grains industry and coordinated by Plant Health Australia (PHA). The program is funded by growers through levies collected by Grain Producers Australia (GPA) in partnership with the governments of grain-growing states. PHA has […] Read more
Tomato greenhouse-2

Managing greenhouse pests and diseases to reduce costs and losses

April 5, 2017

Plant diseases in a typical greenhouse may cost as much as 15 per cent of potential income. Serious pest damage can take another 10 per cent from your bottom line. Rod Turner, General Manger, Risk Management at Plant Health Australia, says that with figures like this being the norm, it’s worthwhile taking any measures you […] Read more

It’s raining, it’s pouring, don’t let biosecurity go snoring

March 30, 2017

With Australia’s eastern seaboard again affected by a rainy La Nina summer and another flood wave moving down the Darling River system, Australia’s livestock producers areurged to be on the lookout for the extra risks to animal health that wet weather usually brings. Read more