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Testing a cow

Cattle producers’ help wanted

April 30, 2015

Cattle producers across Australia are wanted to support the National Arbovirus Monitoring Program (NAMP) which monitors the distribution of insect-borne viruses of ruminant livestock, and their insect vectors, in Australia. Known as NAMP ‘co-operators’, participating cattle producers are required to provide 10–30 cattle for blood sampling by government officers at agreed intervals throughout the year. […] Read more
PIcture of manual

Hatch your own biosecurity plan with new manual

April 30, 2015

Egg producers have a new addition to their biosecurity toolkits with the launch of the National Farm Biosecurity Technical Manual for Egg Production, produced by Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) and Animal Health Australia (AHA). AHA’s Executive Manager Biosecurity, Duncan Rowland, said the manual applies to commercial table egg production farms. “The manual covers all […] Read more
Angus cattle

Got something to say about BJD?

April 21, 2015

Cattle producers and other members of the public have until 3 May to provide comment on a recently-released discussion paper that will help determine the future of Bovine Johne’s disease (BJD) management in Australia.  BJD management in Australia is an important issue for cattle producers and it is currently being revised through the National BJD […] Read more
Biosecurity Manual for Grain Producers

Help for grain growers to deal with pest and weed threats

April 1, 2015

The latest version of the Biosecurity Manual for Grain Producers is now available to help growers to minimise the risks posed by diseases, pests and weeds. Framed around the biosecurity ‘essentials’ of the Farm Biosecurity Program, the manual provides valuable information for grain producers to implement biosecurity on-farm. Alison Saunders, Program Manager for Biosecurity Planning & […] Read more
HLB Leaf Symptoms (Florida) cropped

Exercise tests readiness for ‘yellow dragon disease’ of citrus

March 31, 2015

Australia’s readiness for an incursion of the exotic disease of citrus, huanglongbing (HLB) or yellow dragon disease was boosted by a 2-day workshop, Exercise Yellow Dragon. The exercise simulated an incursion discovered in Sydney of HLB and the insect vector that can spread it from plant to plant, the Asian citrus psyllid, a combination that […] Read more