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Biosecurity procedures are feed for thought

September 19, 2018

Aussie farmers are no strangers to a dry spell. As a largely arid country, seasonal conditions can make or break a business. However all the planning and experience in the world cannot substitute for rainfall, and as drought conditions continue through large parts of the country, feed supplies are alarmingly low, leading livestock producers to […] Read more

Don’t let yourself be burned following a disaster

September 19, 2018

Natural disasters are an ever-present concern for those living on the land. Both fire and flood are part of the cycle of extreme weather across the country, while tropical storms and extreme winter weather can also cause havoc in their respective regions. When lives and livelihoods are on the line, decisive action is needed. Once […] Read more
Young sheep

A fluffy story prompts a serious reminder

August 16, 2018

A loose ram wandering an outer suburb of Canberra may have captured the imaginations of local residents, but has prompted Animal Health Australia to issue a reminder to sheep producers about the importance of biosecurity, starting with a good fence. It pays to remember the risks that livestock can pose to human and animal health, […] Read more

Don’t get fleeced by OB

August 16, 2018

As sheep breeding season approaches, so does the threat of ovine brucellosis (OB), an infectious disease that can affect all sheep breeds and cause considerable economic loss for producers. Causing inflammation of the male reproductive organs, OB can result in infertility in some affected rams and in some cases, has been associated with abortion and […] Read more

Biosecurity basics: Make your own footbath

August 10, 2018

Dirty boots can pose a very real risk to your property. People can unintentionally carry pest or disease-causing organisms on unwashed footwear, bringing them on to your farm without even realising it. Soil-borne pests (like phylloxera, anthrax, Panama disease) and weed seeds are carried in dirt and mud. Pieces of infected plant material, manure and […] Read more