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Help for growers to report suspect pests

August 20, 2012

Australia has a world class biosecurity system, but as long as international trade and people movements occur, there will always be a risk of new plant pests entering the country. Pests can also be spread to Australia through natural means, such as wind and water currents. An essential part of Australia’s plant biosecurity system is […] Read more
Dairy calf

Updated cattle health forms now available

July 31, 2012

Interim National Cattle Health Statement Animal Health Australia together with representatives from the dairy and beef industries, Australian Livestock and Property Agents, Australian Registered Cattle Breeders Association, and state jurisdictions have developed an interim National Cattle Health Statement. The National Cattle Health Statement is to be used on a voluntary basis as a biosecurity tool […] Read more
Horse in coat feeding

Livestock diseases in the news: Hendra and FMD

July 30, 2012

With infected horses being put down in central Queensland, this year’s Hendra virus season is well and truly under way. Meanwhile the release of the Mathews Report – A review of Australia’s Preparedness for the Threat of Foot-and-mouth Disease – has brought the greatest exotic disease risk to our country firmly into focus. Read more

Give banana growers a hand to eliminate bunchy top

July 23, 2012

Biosecurity Queensland is calling on all banana growers and the community to assist in efforts to eradicate banana bunchy top disease from Australia. Bunchy top is the most devastating viral disease of bananas world-wide. The disease is characterised by the ‘bunched’ appearance of newly emerging leaves and dot-dash flecking of leaves and stem sheaths. Affected […] Read more
John Alexander in field

Future grains leader emphasises biosecurity practices on-farm

July 13, 2012

John Alexander’s future in farming looks bright and he’s adamant that being proactive when it comes to farm biosecurity is a key factor in successful farming. John grew up on his family property at Jimbour (Dalby), in the northern Darling Downs region of Queensland. With a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Queensland, he […] Read more