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Kid rearing plan helps raise healthy goats

June 29, 2012

The Goat Industry Council of Australia and Animal Health Australia have jointly developed an important new biosecurity tool to help minimise the risk of disease in goats. The National Kid Rearing Plan chiefly targets two major debilitating diseases found in goats: Johne’s disease (JD) and Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE). Read more
Sandra and Peter Young with award

Plant biosecurity winner leading defence against myrtle rust

June 28, 2012

The winner of last year’s plant Biosecurity Farmer of the Year Award, Peter Young from Birdwood Nursery, is encouraging other plant producers to nominate for the 2012 awards, which are currently open for nominations. Read more
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Biosecurity basics: Utility contractors

June 26, 2012

Preventing the arrival and establishment of new diseases, pests and weeds is just as important as controlling those already present on a property. People moving between farms and regions can unintentionally spread pests on vehicles, equipment, boots and clothing. The most obvious risks are diseases carried in soil and plant material. Read more
Cover 2011 Status Report

Report showcases Australia’s world class plant biosecurity system

June 21, 2012

Australia’s plant biosecurity system is showcased in the latest publication from Plant Health Australia (PHA), the National Plant Biosecurity Status Report for 2011. The report demonstrates the lengths Australia goes to in a bid to protect Australia’s $27.5 billion agricultural, horticultural and forestry industries from plant pests. Dr Tony Gregson, Chairman of the PHA Board, […] Read more

New focus on biosecurity in revised BJD management plan

June 1, 2012

New arrangements for managing and preventing bovine Johne’s disease (BJD) in livestock are set to be implemented as the current national plan comes to an end on 30 June this year. Read more