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Harvesting onions

Peeling back the layers of biosecurity for onion growers

May 15, 2018

For the first time, onion growers across Australia have a manual dedicated to their biosecurity needs. Stuart Kearns, Manager for Farm Biosecurity at Plant Health Australia, said that the new manual will help onion growers secure their future by making better biosecurity decisions. “The Onion Growers’ Biosecurity Manual has been developed around the six Farm […] Read more

Separating the guests from the pests

May 15, 2018

Agricultural tourism and working holidays are a big part of many farm operations, though naturally these activities pose a big risk of introducing or spreading diseases, pests and weeds. In the wake of a number of large agricultural events, many of which have featured displays, open days and property tours, Animal Health Australia and Plant […] Read more

Your biosecurity plan should ‘tick’ all the boxes

May 15, 2018

The recent detection of tick fever on two properties on the New South Wales Mid North Coast has prompted a reminder to cattle producers to manage pests and the diseases they can carry as part of their on-farm biosecurity plan. While cattle ticks are uncommon so far south, Animal Health Australia’s Senior Manager Biosecurity, Dr […] Read more
Zoning-Fact-Sheet-example 1

Using property zoning to implement biosecurity on-farm

April 19, 2018

Zoning is the division of your farm into separate areas based on the level of biosecurity that is needed to minimise the possibility of pests and diseases from coming onto and moving around your property. Generally, three zones are required to limit access according to the risk status of the area. In order of increasing […] Read more
Rum Jungle Organics

Rum Jungle biosecurity shining light to follow

April 19, 2018

Last month, we announced the winners of Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year Award, which are part of the Australian Biosecurity Awards. In the next two issues of Farm Biosecurity News, we will be profiling the winners and filling in some of the details. The first profile is of Alan Petersen and Julie-Ann Murphy from […] Read more