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Member links

Members of Plant Health Australia (PHA) and Animal Health Australia (AHA) include most major agricultural and livestock industries, the Australian Government and all state and territory governments.

Members have involvement and input into a range of large scale, nationally coordinated projects that could not be funded or pursued by organisations acting independently.

Industry members of AHA

Australian Alpaca Association

Australian Chicken Meat Federation

Australian Dairy Farmers’ Limited

Australian Egg Corporation

Australian Honey Bee Industry Council

Australian Horse Industry Council

Australian Lot Feeders Association

Australian Pork

Cattle Council of Australia

Goat Industry Council of Australia

Harness Racing Australia

Racing Australia

Sheepmeat Council of Australia

WoolProducers Australia


Industry members of PHA

Almond Board of Australia

Apple and Pear Australia Ltd

Australian Banana Growers Council

Australian Blueberry Growers’ Association Inc

Australian Forest Products Association

Australian Ginger Industry Association

Australian Grape and Wine Incorporated

Australian Honey Bee Industry Council

Australian Lychee Growers’ Association

Australian Macadamia Society

Australian Mango Industry Association

Australian Melon Association

Australian Olive Association Ltd

Australian Processing Tomato Research Council Inc

Australian Sweet Potato Growers Inc

Australian Table Grape Association

Australian Tea Tree Industry Association

Australian Truffle Growers Association Inc

Australian Walnut Industry Association

AUSVEG Limited

Avocados Australia


Canned Fruit Industry Council of Australia

Cherry Growers of Australia Inc

Chestnuts Australia Inc

Citrus Australia

Cotton Australia

Dried Fruits Australia

Grain Producers Australia Limited 


Hazelnut Growers of Australia

Nursery and Garden Industry Australia

Onions Australia

Passionfruit Australia Incorporated

Pistachio Growers Association Incorporated

Raspberries and Blackberries Australia Inc

Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia

Strawberries Australia Inc

Summerfruit Australia Ltd


Government members of AHA and PHA

Australian Government – Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Australian Capital Territory – Territory and Municipal Services

New South Wales – Department of Primary Industries

Northern Territory – Department of Primary Industry and Resources

Queensland – Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

South Australia – Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA

Tasmania – Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

Victoria – Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

Western Australia – Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development